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Using Analytics to Improve Drug Adoption

Case Study: Using Analytics to Improve Drug Adoption

A pharmaceutical manufacturing company was looking to innovate their sales strategy to improve physician engagement by the field sales teams. The company wanted to make sure that their pharmaceutical reps were focused on dosing education and the clinical evidence for their product when engaging with providers.

The success of a new drug in market requires a deep and intricate understanding of all of the inputs that can impact a physician’s decision to prescribe a new medicine. Modern analytics tools, with high quality data inputs, can give pharmaceutical companies the capability to build their own platforms to assess and understand the impact of their drug compared to the competitive market.

This case study outlines how Clarkston Consulting was hired by this pharmaceutical manufacturing company to help them improve physician engagement and channel optimization by bringing comprehensive information to doctors about the drugs in market. The Clarkston Data and Analytics team extracted data from internal and external sources to transform, profile, and test key attributes related to adopting a new drug.

Clarkston partnered with our client to:

  • Identify doctors at risk of adopting a competitive product
  • Improve physician education about patient dosing
  • Use channel optimization results to engage with doctors who require more education on drug application

Download the Full Case Study Here

One of the key benefits was improved organizational competency, understanding, and adoption of exploratory analytics to enable data-driven decisions throughout the sales organization. Additionally, the incorporate of these key models will help the organization continually improve their sales strategy. This ultimately allowed the pharmaceutical company to improve physician engagement and channel optimization.

To learn more about how you can use analytics to  improve physician engagement, contact our Data and Analytics team today. To download the full case study, please click on the link below.

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Coauthor and contributions by Elise Watson.

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