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Amplifying Change Through a Unique Perspective on Leadership

In honor of the one-year launch anniversary of Amplifiers, we are sharing highlights and stories from the book as well as resources for amplifying change at your organization.  

Amplifiers: How Great Leaders Magnify the Power of Teams, Increase the Impact of Organizations, and Turn Up the Volume on Positive Change 

Amplifiers by Tom Finegan, CEO and Co-Founder of Clarkston Consulting, sheds light on the special aspects of leadership and followership. This Wall Street Journal Best Seller explores how to unlock the power of employees to improve corporate performance and launch careers. Amplifiers is a practical guide for organizations that delivers an insightful take on the correlation of human behavior and corporate transformations — one that considers and relies on the efforts of key, exemplary followers. 

After the author’s years of observing leadership first-hand in many different companies and across many different functional levels, he discovered that the most effective leaders incorporate elements of followership in their leadership approach. This expanded way of thinking about leadership is the reason why Tom Finegan wrote Amplifiers. A leader is not a leader if there are not followers present. So, spending time thinking about the interplay of leaders and followers is critical for leadership success.  

What is an Amplifier? 

Amplifiers are the people who intuitively know how to simultaneously influence up, lead others, and execute the mission of the firm.  

“The very definition of corporate leadership must evolve. Most people believe that in order to be successful, they must be a leader. That is categorically false. Most successful people are followers. But the magic happens when an individual is a highly effective leader and a highly capable follower. This produces the Amplifier.” – Amplifiers, by Tom Finegan 

While some people are naturally Amplifiers, we have found the ability to magnify corporate outcomes can be enhanced by developing and nurturing Amplifier styles, motives, and traits. To hear more about what an Amplifier is from the author himself, listen to this great podcast episode. 

Amplifying Change: Excerpts from the Book 

Examining Amplifier Profiles 

Examining an Amplifier gives us clues to magnify Amplifier behavior in our own professional lives as well as help our followers on their Amplifier journey. Through the below examples, you can get insight into these amplifiers’ secrets to success, including how they’ve invested in the development of countless others:  

Indra Nooyi: Performance, Culture, and Legacy 

Read Indra’s Profile Here

John Hope Bryant: Optimism, Hope, and Never Looking for Followers 

Read John’s Profile Here

Tim Hassinger: Leadership Lessons During Times of Change 

Read Tim’s Profile Here

The Impact of Amplifiers on Corporate Performance: The Boeing Case 

This excerpt reveals the shortcomings of an organization without Amplifiers; organizations without both a leadership and a followership mentality can have catastrophic results. The impact of Amplifiers goes beyond a few interactions on a team – it affects the entire corporate performance.  

Read About the Boeing Case Here

Amplifying Change at Your Organization 

Request a Workshop 

Explore how to scout, develop, and nurture true Amplifiers by attending an Amplifiers workshop led by Tom Finegan. Finegan, distinguished entrepreneur and business strategist, will dive into discussions on the intersection of great leadership and great followership using his applied experience and leadership philosophy. Participants will leave with new insight on how the unique combination of an Amplifier can have a transformative effect on their organization after working through these workshop objectives: 

  1. Recognize the common styles, motives, and traits of leaders, followers, and Amplifiers, and why these matter. 
  2. Identify the tools needed to scout for Amplifiers at your organization and empower them to drive improved team performance. 
  3. Formulate a plan for how to best leverage your organization’s Amplifiers, leaders, and followers to achieve outcomes for the financial health of the organization. 

Reach out to our Amplifiers team to learn more about how your organization can leverage this leadership training workshop. 

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Order a Copy for Yourself 

To learn more about the book and order a copy for yourself and/or colleagues, visit the link below. 

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