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RISE with SAP Recap

RISE with SAP is a solution to help company customers with their own personalized digital transformation to become an SAP recognized ‘intelligent enterprise’. The new offer that provides “business transformation as a service, under one offer, one contract, one responsible party for SLA, operations, and issue handling.” This new offering is a subscription service that is offering not only services, but product offerings as well.

In the midst of unprecedented times, SAP comes to market with a new offering. SAP was quoted on their website as saying: “At SAP, we want to be our customers’ trusted partner both in times of success and turbulence, and as such, staying close to them and their needs is crucial. Talking to many CEOs and decision makers during the last months, it became clear that only companies that can transform and adapt quickly to today’s volatile environment – just think COVID-19, climate change, and geopolitical tensions – will win.”

The time for business and digital transformation is upon us and rather than just stating that fact, SAP is sharing a new ‘holistic approach’ to transform your business. SAP is offering a tailored approach when it comes to transformation for your company by providing customers with a number of solutions previously proposed in the SAP partner ecosystem. This offering is available to customers to utilize, in partnership with an SAP provider or partner as well.

The Rise with SAP offering bundles multiple SAP offerings into one product, comprised of:

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud deployment model of choice public or private, expect more specific details on “Private Cloud Edition” the new “brownfield” option of S/4HANA Cloud in the coming weeks ahead
  • Infrastructure of the customer’s choice (SAP data center or Hyperscaler) – delivers the benefit from IaaS capabilities without data and system lock-in
  • Business Process Intelligence – Discovery reports to gain insights into process performance and the ability to pinpoint where and how to best use advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, IoT and robotic process automation to improve how you operate
  • SAP Business Network Starter Package – Unified access to the world’s largest business network including SAP’s supplier, logistics, and asset intelligence networks to foster cross-company connectivity and collaboration
  • Tools and Services – Needed technical systems operations and software support includes embedded essential SAP services to support the transition from their customer’s current ERP environment to the RISE with SAP
  • SAP Business Technology Platform to easily extend and integrate with any other SAP, partner, or third-party solution, using the same data model and business services as SAP applications and allowing for new insights and value from business data

The RISE with SAP offering is intended to simplify the customer journey in three easy steps:

  1. Step 1: Business Process Redesign
    SAP Business Process Intelligence (BPI) solution analyzes how customer processes perform, benchmark them against industry standards, and provides recommendations on adopting new business models, automating, and standardizing processes. In conjunction with clients and partners, SAP with be spearheading the LACE model (Land, Adopt, Consume, Expand) of Implementation, ensuring the client’s journey towards the cloud provides the ideal platform to meet current outcomes, as well as establish a solid base for future expansion in a changing marketplace.
  2. Step 2: Technical Migration
    RISE with SAP includes essential services by SAP and SAP partners to remove modifications and custom code and to support them in harmonizing and governing their data layer.
  3. Step 3: Build Your Intelligent Enterprise
    Part of this new offering is the inclusion of the SAP Business Technology Platform. The goal being enabling customers and partners to develop innovations to complement SAP solutions with a semantical data model, an AI and analytics layer, an identity and authorization concept, and the same application business services in one workflow management.  Access to SAP Business Network is also included. SAP is also including market-leading intelligent ERP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Microsoft Teams in the RISE with SAP offering to account for seamless business operation.

The goal of the RISE with SAP initiative is to continue driving partnership and the client SAP footprint while remaining flexible and dynamic. RISE with SAP grants companies a “bundle” of basic components needed for building an intelligent enterprise under one contract.

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Contributions by Hannah French and David Gawrych

Tags: Event Recap, SAP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP