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Sebastian Valencia Featured in Changing the Game in Consumer Industries

On March 22, 2018, Sebastian Valencia was featured on Game-Changers radio talking about the Wholesale Industry Transformed: AI and ML on the Job.  This radio show, hosted by Bonnie D. Graham, was presented by SAP.  This episode, discusses the impacts of machines with the ability to take on more intricate tasks to enable a new level of automation and how this is particularly valuable for wholesale distributors.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are becoming influential forces for wholesale distributors, because they are enabling companies of all sizes to harness computers to complete and even surpass human abilities to improve customer service, reduce costs, and improve uptime via predictive maintenance.

Learn more about what Sebastian Valencia and the other experts have to say about the impact of artificial intelligence in wholesale distribution by listing to this engaging radio program.

Game Changers presented by SAP