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Why ‘Making Time’ Can be the Key to Generating Success

Canada Business Review | August 10, 2017

Wine and Spirits Case Study

Corby Spirit and Wine has transformed its business operations after what VP and CFO Antonio Sanchez describes as a period of “soul searching.” He talks us through the changes and their effect. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to take a step back and have a think about it. And that’s exactly the approach taken by Corby Spirit and Wine Limited as it undertook what the company calls “a sequential maturity journey”. It wasn’t that there were a multitude of issues needing to be solved but some of those working at the beverage alcohol manufacturer, marketer and distributor just felt that things could be done a bit better.

…Corby’s strategic partners [have] helped them map out the road moving forward. [Sanchez] adds,”We don’t see it just as a single standalone formula for success, but also recognize there are a number of enablers and working practices which have to go along with it.

“One of those practices is to have collaborative and integrated business planning, and to help us with that we engaged Clarkson, a boutique consultant.

“Along this journey, we upgraded our route to market capabilities, we have implemented a customized CRM system. As well as that we created a trademarking department, we enhanced our wine expertise and we built what we think is the most extensive network of brand ambassadors in the industry in Canada.”

Read more about the Corby Spirit and Wine Limited case at the Canada Business Review, page 70.