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Aligning Organizational Structure with Strategy to Support Future Growth

Clarkston Consulting recently partnered with a global biopharmaceutical company and helped the client in aligning their organizational structure with strategy. Read a synopsis of the project below or download the full case study.

Download the Aligning Organizational Structure with Strategy Case Study Here

The client is a post-commercial, two-product, rare/ultra-rare disease E.U./U.S.-based biopharma company. The company engaged Clarkston Consulting to help them with aligning organizational structure with strategy to support their future growth. Clarkston helped to assess the current organizational structure and processes of the U.S.-based operations for Medical Affairs and Commercial business units, including Market Access, Marketing, Commercial Operations, and Sales. As part of this exercise, Clarkston assessed the organizational structure, ways of working, and cross-functional communication to ensure the client is in the best possible position to achieve its strategic priorities, evolve the organization to support future growth projections, and optimize its operations, including the use of enabling technology and data analytics capabilities.  

In the first phase of the project, Clarkston conducted a current state Organizational and Change Readiness Assessment. This included summarizing observations from interviews with key stakeholders into three key enablers for future success: optimize the organizational structure, foster new ways of working, and position the organization for growth.   

In the second phase, Clarkston conducted an Organizational Structure and Capabilities Realignment Assessment.  This included providing validation on the client’s current organizational structure compared to industry-standard benchmark capabilities and context for possible changes, such as: 

  • Capabilities/ functions that might be commonly aligned in the industry to a different department than how they’re currently aligned at the client; 
  • A comprehensive cross-functional business capabilities roadmap to be leveraged for stakeholder alignment and business model transformation decisions; and  
  • Rationale why a company may want to align that capability/function to one department or another. 

Additionally, “Ways of Working” improvement opportunities were identified. These included actionable insights through role/responsibility clarification and communication needs identification to guide executives to improve the cross-functional ways of working within U.S. operations. Finally, Clarkston provided an Organizational Change Management Plan with insights and roadmap activities to facilitate the next phase of the organizational realignment.  

With Clarkson’s help, the client realized key benefits from this engagement — organizational realignment opportunities positioning the business for commercial maturity and growth as well as recommendations for improving the ways of working and a roadmap facilitating the organizational change.   

Download the Aligning Organizational Structure with Strategy case study, and learn more about our People + Change Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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