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Clarkston Consulting Partner, Dave Treadaway, Featured on TechTarget

Durham, NC | February 19, 2021

Partner at Clarkston Consulting, Dave Treadaway, quoted on warehouse management systems by TechTarget. An excerpt from the article is included below:

With the rise in e-commerce and the consumers’ demand for front-door deliveries, getting inventory to the right locations and creating efficiencies around how that inventory is stored and moved is critical. The right warehouse management system has the potential to help.

A warehouse management systems (WMS) can help businesses ranging from small organizations to large global enterprises. Here are eight benefits it offers:

A warehouse management system’s inventory data can also help a company improve its reputation.

A WMS’ scanning improves pick accuracy, which in turn can help lead to customer satisfaction, said Dave Treadway, an associate partner at Clarkston Consulting in Durham, N.C., and takes tasks off the to-do list.

A warehouse management system can also reduce a business’s workload.

Like many organizations, Magid Glove & Safety uses a warehouse management system to maintain an accurate inventory of its products, said Dave Forberg, vice president of operations at Magid, a manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment in Romeoville, Ill.

Magid uses a homegrown WMS and Vormittag Associates Inc.’s S2K warehouse management systems software.

The WMS’ real-time cycle counting enables the company to skip a physical inventory each year, Forberg said. It has the information the business needs about how much product is in each location.

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