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Clarkston's Consumer Products Accelerator for S/4HANA

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Clarkston’s Consumer Products Accelerator is a pre-packaged deployment solution of SAP S/4HANA® for consumer products companies. This model is built leveraging almost 30 years of SAP experience in the consumer products industry.

Best-in-Class Configuration

Designed for consumer products companies, Clarkson’s Consumer Products Accelerator will expedite the implementation of S/4HANA with best-in-class business process configuration, ROI analysis, and WRICEFs, without increasing risk.

Rapid Deployment

This proprietary accelerator model enables cost efficiency and creates a foundation for savings and growth in the future as it leverages robust digital tools and capabilities to better meet business objectives and industry demand.

Modular Approach

Designed as a modular solution, Clarkston’s Consumer Products Accelerator allows flexibility in implementation and context-sensitive deployment enabling more efficient implementation timelines with predictable outcomes.

Clarkston’s Consumer Products Accelerator is a pre-packaged modular deployment of an SAP solution fit for your business

Life Sciences Accelerator


This accelerator combines best practices from SAP with Clarkston’s recognized industry expertise to reduce cost, time, and risk for consumer products businesses.

Whether you’re new to SAP or upgrading to S/4HANA, Clarkston’s Consumer Products Accelerator can help. Contact us to learn more today.


Are you ready to learn how Clarkston’s Consumer Products Accelerator for S/4HANA will save you time and money?

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Life Sciences client quote

Vice President

Consumer Product Company

I would recommend Clarkston Consulting to any company that is looking to deliver on an SAP project.  They have a deep understanding of the industry and I cannot say enough good things about their consultants. I think what Clarkston does better than any of their competitors – they deliver!

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Learn more about how Clarkston's Consumer Products Accelerator for S/4HANA has reduced project timelines, reduced project resourcing needs, and helped other consumer products companies deliver quicker return on investments.

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