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Cecilia Williams

Associate Consultant
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Cecilia Williams is a data storyteller with experience in data visualization, AI implementation and governance, and project management. At Clarkston, she combines her technical experience in data and analytics with her communications skills and passion for storytelling to drive organizational efficiencies, identify and implement quick wins for clients, and help stakeholders understand complex technical topics.

Cecilia is particularly passionate about large language models (LLMs) and capturing the potential of AI and task automation in the workplace. This interest started years before the rise of ChatGPT when she worked with Dr. Andrew Van Schaack, a well-regarded SME in AI and technological forecasting, on a language-learning startup. Her early exposure to and adoption of LLMs, as well as her communications and business analytics background, has helped her develop strong skills in prompt engineering, AI governance policy, and AI project management.

Currently, Cecilia enjoys engaging in projects that allow her to problem-solve using a blend of creativity and data-driven insights. Outside of Clarkston, she is also on the Board of Directors for the Jackson Hole Community School, where she is developing AI governance policy and updating the school curriculum to teach students how to leverage AI as a tool to enhance learning rather than replace it. Cecilia has an M.S. in Management with a focus on Business Analytics from the University of Virginia and a B.A. in Communications and Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University.