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What to Expect at Sapphire 2024

The 2024 Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference is right around the corner. Are you attending this year? If so, let us know – we’d love to see you there. If not, our team will be there to tune in to the latest discussions and trends impacting the SAP landscape. You can also sign up here for early access to the Sapphire recap. As our team prepares for next week’s gathering, we wanted to highlight a few of the hot topics for SAP. Here’s what to expect at Sapphire 2024:

What to Expect at Sapphire 2024 

This year’s session types include: 

  • Customer Success Stories, where SAP customers will walk you through their strategic business initiatives and achievements with SAP 
  • Strategy Talk, where you will discuss key trends and strategies that will help you plan for future business innovation 
  • Road Map Review, where you will discuss and visualize what’s ahead for a key SAP product or solution 
  • Solution Demo, where you will take part in a dive demo that walks you through how a solution works and how it can help you address specific business challenges 
  • Deep Dive, where SAP experts or customers will describe a topic, strategy, solution, or use case in detail to explain ways to maximize the value of your existing investments 
  • Meet the Expert, where customer, SAP, and partner experts will address your questions and help you overcome business challenges 
  • ASUG Power Peer Group, hosted by an ASUG community leader or SME, where you will network with peers in the SAP community 

Sapphire 2024 Hot Topics 

1. Adoption
As with any new technology, transitioning (or upgrading) to an ERP system requires careful planning, change management, and training to ensure a smooth implementation. Ultimately, successful adoption is key to maximizing the ROI of your SAP investment, and we know this will be a key area of focus at this year’s conference. Consider attending the following adoption-focused sessions: 

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the business landscape right now. From SAP’s new AI assistant, Joule, to AI-power time sheets, prepare to learn more about the power of AI and SAP at this year’s Sapphire conference. Three of the many AI sessions include: 

3. Business Transformation Management 

From SAP Signavio to SAP BTP, business transformation management is at the heart of Sapphire 2024. Learn how you can leverage SAP solutions strategically for sustainable business transformation and success. Some session on this topic include: 

4. RISE with SAP 

RISE with SAP is a tailored managed cloud offering that enables a smooth, secure migration of on-premise ERP, like SAP S/4HANA, to the cloud. As more and more organizations move to the cloud, prepare to discuss RISE with SAP as a choice solution. Below are some RISE with SAP sessions: 

5. GROW with SAP 

GROW with SAP is a “complete offering of solutions, adoption acceleration services, community, and learning so any size company can successfully adopt cloud ERP.” Leveraging ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA and services like SAP Activate methodology, prepare to learn more about GROW with SAP’s transformative impact of organizations of all sizes. Some GROW with SAP session topics include: 

6. Sustainability 

Sustainable business practices are key to success. Learn how SAP can help you prioritize and achieve sustainable business success and innovation. Some sustainability sessions include: 

Sapphire 2024 

We look forward to hearing more at Sapphire 2024! And, don’t forget to sign up here for early access to the Sapphire recap. 

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