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Organizational Change Management for Global Veeva Implementation

This client develops and produces treatment for life-threatening diseases around the world. In addition to antiviral and antiretroviral therapy used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and influenza, the client also develops products for the cardiovascular, oncology, inflammation/respiratory, and other therapy areas.

The organization’s document management system, which contained the majority of its corporate procedural documents, was due to be replaced. Besides reaching its end of life from a systems and support standpoint, over the years it had become unnecessarily complicated and overly-customized, resulting in frustrated users and disproportionate document processing time.

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Compounding the excessive complexities, the system restricted users to a specific brand and version of a browser, which was by now multiple versions behind the current release.

Realizing the challenges presented to user and process efficiency, the client sought an innovative, user-friendly, and easily managed solution. Furthermore, the client sought to empower teams with a system that would afford an increased measure of autonomy to end users. With these criteria in mind, the biopharmaceutical leader selected Veeva Vault QualityDocs as its document management solution.

Following the Veeva implementation, the client knew that no matter the sophistication of the new system, poor user adoption would lead to underperforming business benefits and potentially derail the entire project. The client reached out to Veeva consulting leader Clarkston Consulting for organizational change management services to ensure adoption of the system, optimization of its benefits, and full realization of the investment.

By first evaluating the change impacts and affected stakeholders of the Veeva implementation, Clarkston assessed organizational readiness, formulated a change management strategy tailored to the business, developed the tactical change management plan, and then partnered with the client to execute against it.

Primary Objectives

Through this project, the client hoped to:

  • Increase end user acceptance from 35% to 75%
  • Reduce deviations resulting from overly complex processes by 50%
  • More nimbly address business needs by increasing functional releases from 2 to 6 per year while allowing for system changes between releases
  • Leverage Veeva’s qualification documentation as part of the client’s validation package

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