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Top Consumer Products Insights from 2020

It’s probably safe to say that few in the consumer products industry could have predicted how 2020 would turn out for their business. The top consumer products insights for businesses from 2020 represent both the immediate twists thrown at the industry by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the macro trends that were long in the making for the industry. In many ways, the pandemic simply accelerated long-term investments and forced business leaders to pivot and react quickly to the unique circumstances of the year.

Consumer Products Insights

Top 3 Things to Consider When Scaling Your Direct-to-Consumer Business Model

While many CPG leaders were well developed in terms of DTC capabilities, some were still experimented and assessing the appropriate channels for their specific business goals and needs. Taking a successful DTC pilot and scaling it across a business or division can be a complex orchestration of new processes, technologies, and responsibilities. In this piece, Senior Consultant Lorraine Mackiewicz and Sales and Marketing Lead Ken Accardi explore the critical considerations for evolving your DTC model to a broader scale.

Hear from Lorraine and Ken here

5 Questions to Generate the Most from Your DTC Business Investments

Enabling direct-to-consumer channels in your business is a massive task unto itself but deriving demonstrable ROI on that initiative creates its own sizable challenge. With so many moving, interconnected parts, businesses can often struggle with getting the most out of their investment. In this piece, Clarkston Partner Sebastian Valencia covers 5 critical questions for businesses to consider as a means for maximizing their investment.

Get Sebastian’s thoughts on maximizing your DTC investment here

Creating an Inclusive eCommerce Strategy

As with any business decision, it’s critical that consumer products companies examine their choices through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the United States, protests against longstanding, system racial injustice have clearly demonstrated a need for a broader and more comprehensive approach to demonstrating inclusivity, particularly as businesses have continued to ramp up eCommerce investments as a result of widespread lockdowns. Clarkston Manager and Digital Expert Sam Ruiz explores the key tenets of an inclusive eCommerce strategy in this piece.

Learn more on inclusive eCommerce from Sam here

Sustaining Success in CPG Quality Management

Over recent years, many CPG manufacturers have ramped up investments in quality management, both as a result of increased regulatory pressure and more watchful consumers taking note of how businesses manage, track, and ensure quality. For many, this focus to quality management has historically been less complex so maintaining success can prove challenging. In this piece, Quality and Regulatory Lead and Client Solutions Executive David Patterson provides insights on how CPG businesses can maintain success in CPG quality management.

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Breakthrough in Crisis: Business Innovation During Unpredictable Times

Times of crisis often feel less like an opportunity for risk and breakthrough innovation and more so a time for hunkering down and weathering the storm. But, as Strategy and Innovation and Client Solutions Executive Aaron Chio explores in this piece, many businesses have proven the case for taking bold steps during unpredictable times in order to realize business transformation and growth.

Learn more on this with Aaron here

Supply Chain Risk Management: Focus on Impacts, Not Events

When global supple chains shuttered at the height of the pandemic, supply chain leaders at any CPG business were once again forced to reexamine their approach to supply chain risk management. Supply chain resilience became a key focal point over the course of 2020 as leaders tried to navigate the storm created by the global COVID event. In this piece, Supply Chain Lead Scott Shaw and Clarkston Partner Bruce Twery offer specific consumer products insights into how CPG leaders can better manage supply chain risk.

Click here to lean more about supply chain risk with Bruce and Scott

As we look forward to promise of 2021, CPG leaders will be well served assessing the strategies and capabilities they’ve rapidly developed in 2020 to determine which will be advantageous in the future. With the close of 2020, consumer behavior has irrevocably changed in many ways, forcing the industry to once again pivot and evolve in order to meet consumer demand effectively.

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