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Data Governance & Vendor Portal Implementation for a Grocery Retailer

In this retail data governance case study, a $3+ billion grocery retailer with more than 300 member-owned and corporate grocery stores selected Clarkston as their partner to lay the foundations for the technologies, organizational structure, and processes to support good, quality data across their business, enabling their strategic capabilities.  

As a first step, Clarkston helped with centralizing and cleansing their data from siloed sources and capturing business efficiencies by streamlining processes through unified systems. This included master data management, cost and pricing management, and a custom vendor portal to enable vendors to submit new products and other information. The client also sought Clarkston’s help in understanding and planning for the impacts across the business, such as developing data governance standards, evaluating the organizational structure needed to support the systems, and building the deployment plan to integrate various legacy systems still in operation. 

Download the Full Case Study Here

The project team successfully implemented S/4HANA and associated systems to manage the client’s complex pricing and product data, centralize their data in a unified system, and enable operational efficiencies. This included a vendor portal application, where external consumer product manufacturers and distributors submitted new products to be sold, including product data, pricing, images, etc. Master data from the legacy systems was rationalized, harmonized, and converted in SAP S/4HANA to serve as the “single source of truth” going forward.  

With their new ERP system and standardized data governance processes, the client was ready to quickly transition to the next phase of their business transformation in deploying the technology to each retail store.  

Download the full Retail Data Governance Case Study here, learn more about our Data Strategy and Governance Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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