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SuccessFactors Implementation Methodology

Attracting and retaining top quality talent in today’s competitive market is a battle. HR leaders are constantly trying to identify the right candidates and facilitate a meaningful experience for both candidates and hiring managers. Perhaps more so than other areas of talent management, the right technology supporting well-designed marketing and recruiting processes can help organizations stay one step ahead. When HR organizations are considering
new recruiting technology, the primary business drivers are effective data collection and mining, workflow and approval process improvements, mobility, talent management integration and reporting. With many employees using online social networks to find opportunities, HR organizations also require tools that help them connect with prospective candidates through these channels.

Recruiting using SuccessFactors

Many companies are turning to SAP’s cloud-based solution, SuccessFactors, to help them meet their recruiting system  needs. SuccessFactors helps companies with their front end marketing needs through campaign management tools, mobile capabilities, social sharing and automated personalization. Behind the scenes, the tool facilitates competencybased interviews, candidate feedback and workflow all the while integrating with other SuccessFactors modules like  onboarding, career management and training. Perhaps most importantly, dashboards help HR quickly determine what’s working and what’s not.

Recruiting Projects
Implementing SuccessFactors recruiting functionality should be approached strategically and as a business initiative, not as IT project. Cloud-based solutions are typically easier to configure than on-premise solutions, which can lead to a lack of methodology, project management and realistic timelines. These implementations must have a clear focus on designing recruiting processes and aligning configuration to meet business requirements. Otherwise, the technology has been replaced, but very little achieved in meeting the HR and business needs for effectively managing recruiting.

Clarkston’s Approach
Clarkston’s business-focused CloudSpeed methodology combines all the best practices from on-premise implementation methodology with the agility of cloudbased tools. CloudSpeed was designed to efficiently implement cloud-based tools like SuccessFactors while maintaining a strong focus on process design, project  management and change management. The iterative design and configuration approach of CloudSpeed allows for clients to visually review and provide feedback of SuccessFactors configuration as it is completed to ensure the system is optimally aligned with business process.

To learn more about the Clarkston Consulting SuccessFactors Implementation Methodology, click on the PDF below.