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Managing the LIMS Vendor Selection Process for a Contract Testing Lab

A global leader in third-party testing services sought out Clarkston’s experience to help them select a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to meet existing and future business needs. With aims to realize the potential of digital technologies, the client was looking for a LIMS application to provide an end-to-end solution, including a client portal for submission, sample receipt and inventory management, data collection and analysis, quality review, and end stage reporting/billing.

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The vendor selection process began with capturing business process flows and detailed requirements. An initial market scan was completed of industry leading LIMS solutions, of which the team focused on a short list of vendors with experience in the industry and demonstrated solutions that aligned with the client’s needs. Vendor demonstrations were facilitated with this select group of vendors that allowed the client to become familiar with their standard solutions and specific configurable features.

Taking the client’s business strategy, processes, and requirements into account, Clarkston looked across functional, technical, and vendor dimensions to drive a complete understanding of each vendor capabilities when evaluating their ability to meet the client’s requirements and provide a recommendation. Deliberation with the client’s business and laboratory leadership and Clarkston’s recommendation resulted in a final choice to move forward with a vendor as a partner. Throughout vendor presentations and negotiations, Clarkston remained an impartial 3rd party to organize feedback against defined selection criteria and provide leading practice insight as the client made final decisions on the best LIMS solution for their organization.

Contributions by Josh Edwards

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