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Improving eCommerce Sales with Digital Capabilities

Improving eCommerce sales is a strategic imperative for any business in the retail industry and grocery retail is feeling the pressure even more. The landscape of grocery is experiencing a wave of disruption and growing increasingly more competitive. A top grocery retailer felt the pressures of a rapidly evolving industry and sought to outpace competitors in innovating to meet consumer demand. At the outset, the client’s primary objective was to improve the customer’s digital experience with product attributes, clear product images, and accurate product availability.

This retailer’s current eCommerce and delivery platform was being used for about 10% of its stores but faced issues with maintaining quality product attributes, prices, and images. These issues were impacting the customer experience, and before rolling out additional stores on their eCommerce platform, the retailer needed to rethink how they managed, organized, and deployed their eCommerce strategy. With an increase in competitors offering online shopping and delivery options, this retailer was challenged with updating their eCommerce platforms and processes to address the growing customer preference for an omnichannel grocery experience. Not only did they want to update, but also ensure sustainability and ease of us for employees to the processes implemented into the business. This was achieved by providing training on the new processes in place and supporting technology.

By partnering with Clarkston, the client was able to achieve an enhanced integration to the eCommerce platform to ensure product availability and accuracy online. This was achieved by improved digital asset management in developing a product image repository, a delivery mechanism to the online storefront, and an enhanced storefront design for a stronger user experience when shopping. These changes resulted with the client improving eCommerce sales by 67% within the first three months of the new eCommerce experience rollout.

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