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Highlighting the Top 10 New In-Store Customer Experiences in Retail

Retailers across categories, including grocery, are incorporating in-store customer experiences as a critical component to their strategy.  As Sean Burke mentioned in his recent blog, Retail Grocery – The Final Frontier for eCommerce, online grocery sales are expected to capture 20% of total grocery retail by 2025, nearly $100 billion, and grocery stores are being forced to compete against convenience and value with experience, the best underleveraged asset at their disposal. Other retail categories, like big box and specialty retail, are also facing intense pressure from consumer products companies selling direct-to-consumer.  From loyalty programs to augmented reality, retailers are uniquely positioned to turn the daily, weekly, monthly or special occasion shopping experience into something unique and authentic to their brand.

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In this piece, we highlight the top 10 new in-store customer experiences that retailers across the United States are employing to drive store traffic and improve the shopping experience.  According to Forbes, so many of the in-store experiences are rife with hurdles, disappointments, and distractions that have to be overcome in order to transact and checkout of the store. Yes, there are retailers out there who are leading the way to making improvements.  For example, both Sephora and Athleta are retailers who are doing a great job incorporating experiences into their physical shopping locations. Store associates make shoppers feel welcome into these locations and can make knowledgeable suggestions and provide guidance to help a shopper feel productive, efficient, and appreciated. These companies both use innovative technology to improve the in-store customer experiences.

It is challenging for retailers when shoppers continue to purchase goods in a fragmented way, as consumers are choosing multichannel buying experiences. Customers are expecting a seamless shopping experience but retailers are facing so many disruptions in their industry, it can be hard to invest strategically for the future. Use this guide of 10 new in-store customer experiences to help your company set your priorities for the future.

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