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Enabling a Digital Asset Management Assessment

This client was founded in 1981 and markets quality wine and spirits produced by prestigious families from major wine and spirits regions of the world. Today they build brands that offer approachable wine experiences for both mainstream and wine enthusiast consumers. The client partnered with Clarkston to assess their digital asset management processes.

After experiencing extreme growth by adding new brands to the portfolio and increased marketing presence, the client was challenged with managing both their substantial number of digital assets and outdated brand websites. These two unique challenges shared a common theme: scattered information living in too many places that was quickly becoming unmanageable. They sought to ease their management burden, increase much needed security around their digital assets, and streamline sharing capabilities both internally and externally.

Over the course of 4 weeks, Clarkston worked with the client’s brand managers, creative teams, IT, and leadership to assess the current state of digital asset and website management. Clarkston conducted in-depth interviews, analyzed industry best practices through market research, and leveraged their own in-house subject matter experts. This information was then synthesized to deliver two distinct assessments on website management and digital asset management that included recommendations for improvement, an actionable roadmap, and a newly developed website management maturity model.

Download the Full Case Study Here

The primary objectives and goals for Clarkston Consulting and the client were to understand the business and technical needs surrounding digital asset management and website management, determine the overall roadmap forward for digital asset management and assess the need for a new DAM system. They would also summarize the current landscape for websites including security, hosting platforms, coding language, and the management process.

The resolution for the team was to perform an as-is assessment of their current website management practices against the Clarkston determined framework, including a focus on maintenance processes, content, analytics, and overall design. They set out to develop a roadmap to imrove website operations and provide recommendations for design agency partnerships with criteria and the methods to select a strong partner. The team also provided an assessment of the current digital asset management landscape.

The key benefits of this project in the outcome was the identification of improvement opportunities in both technology and processes for the company’s website management. Clarkston developed a 12-week plan for the implementation of a digital asset management tool, which allowed up to a 90% reduction in operating costs spent on storing, searching for, and sharing assets.

Download the Full Case Study Here

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Contributions by Shatakshi Shekhar.

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