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Developing a Country Launch Readiness Playbook to Assess Market Entry

Clarkston Consulting recently partnered with a client on a country launch readiness playbook. Read a synopsis of the project below or download the full case study.

Clarkston partnered with a pharmaceutical company that was gearing up for a country launch beyond the United States. For this client, the journey from a single-market product to a global rollout demanded a well-structured Country Launch Readiness Playbook. The playbook served as the compass for assessing and adapting existing systems to meet the demands of new international markets. 

Clarkston helped the client establish a meticulous strategic roadmap in collaboration with a cross-functional team. This roadmap aimed to unravel the complexities of market entry, where business strategy became intricately linked with the technological landscape. The playbook highlighted pivotal decisions that would steer the company’s global expansion as well as the intersection where strategic choices required technological enhancements. The team had to answer, “What are the key decisions required to enter this market successfully, and how does that change the existing commercial and medical tools we currently have?” 

Download the Country Launch Readiness Playbook Case Study Here

Once these questions were answered, it was time to enable existing functions. The team recognized the value of efficiency and equipped country managers with the playbook to expedite their decision-making processes. 

The essence of this playbook was not just about expanding geographical reach; it was about doing so with informed precision. With the guidance of Clarkston, the pharmaceutical company was poised to navigate the intricate global expansion journey by integrating strategy, technology, and decision-making support. With the Country Launch Readiness Playbook as their guide, they could confidently step into new markets, knowing that each strategic move was underpinned by sound technological foundations and supported by the tools to make well-informed choices. 

Download the Country Launch Readiness Playbook case study here. Learn more about our IT Strategy Services by contacting us below. 

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