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Overcoming Challenges to Business Growth in Emerging Markets

A global leader in the consumer products industry enlisted Clarkston to create a three-year strategic roadmap with actionable initiatives to address key challenges in its export business and prepare for future growth. 

The CP company experienced tremendous growth in the past several years, but as revenue increased, the company has outgrown its current processes and systems, particularly in its export business serving high-growth emerging markets. To prepare for future growth and to better support its customers and brands, the company needed to make significant changes to its people, processes, and technology. Clarkston was brought in to identify the organization’s major challenges and determine and prioritize top initiatives needed to support the accelerated growth objectives and scalability for the future. In addition, Clarkston was asked to evaluate and recommend the best placement for their new business organization and systems platform. 

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The project commenced by conducting essential stakeholder meetings to gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing strengths, major pain points, and resource requirements related to people, processes, and technology. Clarkston engaged with over 20 stakeholders over a period of three weeks to gather valuable insights. Subsequently, the data collected was carefully analyzed, and key themes impeding business growth were identified and extracted.    

To further evaluate the most suitable options for team location and system platform, Clarkston organized a series of process mapping sessions. These sessions aimed to assess the existing processes and systems in place, enabling informed decision-making regarding the optimal team location and system platform. 

Clarkston identified 9 workstreams and 34 actionable initiatives to address and resolve the main challenges impacting growth and scalability for the emerging markets business. The initiatives were prioritized into quick wins, mid-term and long-term projects, factoring in impact to the business and level of effort required for the client. Finally, Clarkston created Level 1 and Level 2 roadmaps to guide the client’s path over the next three years. 

The project concluded with Clarkston supporting leadership team presentations and gaining executive team alignment and agreement on the path forward to support the business transformation. 

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