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Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Is your organization capturing the Voice of the Customer? How can companies better serve their customers in an ever-changing and crowded marketplace? 

In our technological and competitive world, customers have more knowledge and buying power than ever before and are continually demanding more benefits for less cost. Standing out amongst competitors is difficult, as buyers are constantly being bombarded with marketing across different platforms and introduced to new ways of purchasing products and services. Paying attention to customers’ demands and behavior is no longer an option, but rather a requirement for success. So how are companies acquiring this information from busy customers in rapidly changing environments? 

What is Voice of the Customer? 

Clarkston’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) assessment uses interviews, surveys, and observation to provide clients with a holistic picture of their customers. The VOC assessment uncovers important influential factors in the buyer’s purchasing journey and removes speculation, allowing clients to make informed decisions backed up by direct customer feedback. 

In collaboration with Clarkston, clients can decide which customers they would like to better understand, what specific information they would like to obtain from the assessment, and how they would like Clarkston to obtain it. By using an outside resource like Clarkston, customers may feel more at ease to provide honest and genuine feedback rather than interacting directly with companies. If companies listen to the customer’s voice and fulfill buyers’ needs, they’ll both gain valuable insights and build stronger relationships, creating loyal customers. 

VOC assessments should be completed on a regular basis. If a VOC assessment has never been performed with your customers, now is the perfect time to begin. 

To learn more, watch a short video on Clarkston Consulting’s VOC assessment here or connect with us directly today. 


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