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Business Investment Framework in the Beverage Industry

In a recent engagement with a spirits and wine client, Clarkston helped them to identify and assess their technology, process, and data maturity across their North American business by completing a Business Investment Framework (BIF). The framework included over 100 functional capabilities, which were then assessed via a combination of surveys and interviews to determine current maturity in business process, technology, and data components. The intent of the framework was to identify areas for improvements, which the client could use to make short- and long-term investment decisions. 

Working within a condensed timeline, and a scope of over 180 functional capabilities, Clarkston kicked off the BIF by helping the client to identify capability owners and engage with key stakeholders. During an introductory kick-off, Clarkston introduced advanced concepts within the BIF framework, such as Dimension Maturity Scales and Pace Layer. The kick-off was followed by a survey that all capability owners completed to give background in preparation for interviews. Each interview was led by Clarkston in a manner that allowed for open and frank discussion, with the capability owner, on where maturity and investment were needed within the areas of technology, processes, and data.  

Download the Full Business Investment Framework Case Study Here

After completion of over 90 interviews, Clarkston collated survey results with interview feedback and made data-driven presentations, showcasing the capabilities and their current maturity. These presentations and the supporting data were key inputs to the executive team’s strategic investment roadmap. Additionally, a Power BI report was built for the client to have seamless ongoing access to the data. 

Throughout our partnership, the client gained key insights on a large cross-section of their North American business with deep dives into functional areas that, in the past, have not been assessed. Some capabilities had received more recent investments, and the client was able to utilize the framework data to assess how those investments were performing. Other business capabilities had not been evaluated in many years and were operating in silos, with the need for investment going unnoticed. Clarkston’s industry knowledge played a key role in the process, knowing when to zero in on the immaturity of areas that competitors are more invested in, and when the industry, as a whole, possibly lacked maturity. 

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