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Digital Strategy and Agile E-Commerce Launch

In this e-commerce launch case study, we explore a recent project with an industry leading biological solutions company to build digital strategy and launch their e-commerce channel leveraging an agile approach.  This client researches, develops, and produces biopharmaceutical ingredients.

The client identified an opportunity to tap into a new market and potentially reach thousands of new B2B clients. Traditionally, the organization had focused on large national and global accounts but believed it could tap into new growth if the company could reach a different market segment using new digital capabilities.

Download the Digital Strategy and Agile E-Commerce Launch Case Study

Within a couple of months, Clarkston developed a digital strategy and launched the client’s first e-commerce platform in a holistic manner. Our work covered digital strategy through execution: defining the ambition and gaining organizational alignment, development and launching of a new e-commerce website, digital branding and creative, digital marketing campaigns, creation and optimization of product pages and descriptions, development and execution of content strategy, 3-D product prototypes for A/B digital testing, e-mail marketing campaigns, and the end-to-end management and execution of the program.

Additionally, we helped the client form a reusable digital marketing playbook and training resources to onboard new employees as the company grows their digital capabilities. These initiatives also increased the client’s knowledge of digital marketing and analytics best practices.

By partnering with Clarkston, the client successfully launched an e-commerce and digital platform in true agile fashion, finding hundreds of net-new B2B clients with above industry average recurring purchase rates, making the pilot a success and beginning to successfully migrate from pilot to a full-on roll out.

To learn more details about this project and the process, download the full e-commerce launch case study below. 

Download the Digital Strategy and Agile E-Commerce Launch Case Study here.

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