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2022 Life Science Sales and Marketing Trends

Read our updated trends report here: 2023 Life Sciences Sales and Marketing Trends

2021 has brought both challenge and opportunity to the life sciences industry. Within the commercial organization, sales and marketing functions have seen a transformation that kickstarted digital engagements into the mainstream. However, it is the ripples of this transformation and their long-term effects that shape the future trends of life sciences sales and marketing organizations. Read all of the 2022 life sciences sales and marketing trends by downloading the full eBook here.

In the 2022 Life Science Sales and Marketing Trends Report, we will review these trends through the lens of patient engagement, digital marketing, product commercialization, and HCP engagement to help commercial leaders answer the following questions:

  • Patient Intimacy Across Clinical and Commercial: With decentralized clinical trials leveraging digital tools operationalize clinical trials, how will the commercial and clinical organizations share learnings around patient intimacy and patient engagement moving forward?
  • Email Privacy and Pixel Tracking: As email tracking gets removed from organization’s arsenals, how will life science companies’ understanding of content and how effective it is for patients and physicians be impacted?
  • Commercialization Roadmap: What are the commercial implications of outsourcing? How and when do those decisions need to be made in preparation for commercialization?
  • Next Generation Sales: As doctors expand no-see lists, how will the relationship between HCPs and field teams evolve towards or away from digital selling?

2022 Life Science Sales and Marketing Trends #1: Patient Intimacy Across Clinical and Commercial

With the rise in decentralized clinical trials and associated digital tools, obtaining and sharing learnings to create a unified patient-intimate experience throughout the disease journey has become a key collaboration focus for the clinical and commercial organizations. Holistic patient engagement from diagnosis to treatment requires commercial life sciences organizations to work with their clinical partners and utilize a patient-centered approach to collaboration, while remaining cognizant of compliance standards. This means continuity across the digital engagement tools (e.g., wearables) that facilitate decentralized clinical trials and the digital tactics that facilitate education, enrollment, and adherence to treatment.

Download the full 2022 Life Science Sales and Marketing Trends eBook

Along the healthcare pipeline, better patient engagement is beneficial for patients, providers, and life sciences organizations. Leveraging digital tools to engage with patients directly helps life sciences organizations refine commercial strategies, identify new engagement channels, create more targeted awareness campaigns, and understand how to speak to different patient disease groups. From the clinical perspective, digital platforms can help identify potential patients for trials, connect to patients to survey during trial development, and integrate the patient support community into the patient journey during and after the trials for patients that drop out.

The consensus shows although patients are open to sharing data to improve their health or the health of others, they are concerned about their privacy. Therefore, gaining patient consent requires adequate and appropriate data protection and privacy actions such as encryption and data access auditing are in place. Furthermore, clinical organizations will look to keep the patient-physician relationship strong, even in digital settings, through the use of telemedicine. Applying the learnings from their commercial counterparts around successful digital engagements will become critical to supporting the patient / physician collaboration throughout the clinical trial.

Download the full 2022 Life Science Sales and Marketing Trends eBook here.

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Coauthor and contributions by Aaron Chio, Mike Onore, Mia Madduri, Zaina Anwer, Elizabeth Osota, Meg Longwell, Sharnae White, and Andrea Weeks

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