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A Panel Discussion on the 2020 Retail Holiday Season

Like a lot of things this year, the 2020 retail holiday season promises to be one like no other. eCommerce shopping is expected to reach record levels as shoppers across the country continue to act cautiously in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. With the shopping season just a few weeks away, I had a virtual discussion with retail industry lead Sean Burke and digital consultant Sam Ruiz to discuss this year’s retail environment and how businesses can prepare to face the unique challenges of the 2020 retail holiday season.

2020 Retail Holiday Season Panel Discussion:


In the video discussion, Sean and Sam tackle the questions that many retailers are grappling with this season, including:

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating digital initiatives for many businesses to a blurring speed, how will that play out in the 2020 holiday shopping season?
  • As shoppers across the United States develop new levels of expectations for brands, how are retailers going to meet those new expectations?
  • Typically, the peak shopping season is characterized by some of the experiences shoppers have, whether it’s visiting Santa Claus with their children or simply browsing the aisles looking for the perfect gift. For this year, how can retailers recreate these experiential elements in the eCommerce realm?
  • This holiday season will hit the individual segments of retail differently – the experience for a home improvement or grocery store will differ from that of a specialty or luxury retailer, what can these different segments of the industry expect this year?

The retail industry is characterized by its agility and ability to constantly innovate and change with evolving consumer wants and needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched this ability to the limit for retailers. The 2020 retail holiday season will serve as the true stress test for retailers’ rapid digital acceleration efforts. From staffing the retail store to effectively managing the pressures on the supply chain, retailers are being forced to operate and compete in an entirely new way this year.

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