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Clarkston’s Amy Levine Discusses Short-Term CPG Product Launches

Clarkston Consulting’s Amy Levine, a director with expertise in consumer products, was recently featured by CPG Specialist for her thoughts on offering limited-edition flavors. This article shares advice from branding experts on how to make a successful campaign for short-term CPG product launches. Read Amy’s featured quotes below, and the full article here.

August 15, 2022 | Durham, NC

Peppermint Oreo, Mac and Cheese Ice Cream: CPGs Lure Consumers With Limited-Edition Flavors

Short-term product releases can be incredibly effective in eliciting consumer interest in a brand, according to marketing professionals. “Most CPGs should consider the role it could play in their portfolio,” said Amy Levine. “Most product categories benefit from the infusion of a sense of excitement —something new, something different to incentivize a consumer to try something.”

When asked about using limited-edition flavors to engage with consumers and have them decide the next flavor, Levine said, “It’s a way to get ideas and see what sticks.”

Limited-edition flavors can be an effective marketing tool, but CPGs should do market research to make sure they don’t alienate customers and should also be ready to respond. “You are going to get consumers who love it and who hate it,” Levine said.

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