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Clarkston CEO Speaks to Attracting Young Talent in a CPG Specialist Article

In a CPG Specialist article about how CPG companies attract younger workers, Tom Finegan, Clarkston CEO and founder, was featured. An excerpt of the article and link to the piece are included below:

September 28, 2021 | Durham, NC

CPGs Must Up Their Game to Attract Younger Workers, Experts Say

In this CPG Specialist article, Industry experts report that CPG companies need to change a few things, such as their HR practices, their corporate mission, and career growth and personal development opportunities, in order to attract and keep younger talent. Recently, they have had a hard time appealing to younger workers for these reasons, and not one CPG firm made Fortune magazine’s 100 best workplaces for Millennials.

Tom Finegan discussed these issues in his interview with CPG Specialist and spoke to Millennials’ expectations to have tools to grow and develop and also take on accountability and responsibility. He said that Proctor & Gamble does a good job of this and is also continues to strengthen their equity and inclusion initiatives. He was also quoted for the following: “There’s not a lot of innovation in HR practices; they’re making some improvements, but they’re generally operating under philosophies they were using five or 10 years ago. They’re going to have to reinvent their people practices in order to succeed and win in the marketplace.”

Read the Article Here 

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