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Clarkston Consulting Launches DE+I Website Tracking Progress Toward 10-Year Goals

February 27, 2024 | Durham, NC

Leading business consulting firm Clarkston Consulting announced today the launch of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) website, which will track the firm’s progress toward its 10-year DE+I goals. The site will serve as both a reporting and accountability resource to provide greater transparency into Clarkston’s DE+I journey.

“Since we publicly launched our DE+I goals, I have been inspired by the firm-wide excitement and commitment to making true progress toward these initiatives,” said CEO Tom Finegan. “These goals represent our collective pledge to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment – one that our stewards can succeed and grow in, and one that is representative of our larger community and society.”

Finegan continued, “This new resource furthers our commitment to transparency and accountability. The site will serve as the home for communicating our progress, the challenges we run into, and how we’re moving this initiative forward.”

Clarkston’s 10-year DE+I goals were developed in partnership with our Diversity Council and senior leaders in the firm. The goals set robust objectives around the core areas of the business, including leadership, professional development, recruiting, employee engagement, marketing, and more.

Clarkston’s long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion goals include:

  1. Representative Partner Group Composition by 2032, ensuring that Partner/Associate Partner representation matches the firm for ethnicity/race, gender identity, and LGBTQ+ identity.
  2. Representative Firm Composition by 2032, ensuring firm demographics align with national averages for ethnicity/race, gender identity, and LGBTQ+ identity.
  3. Internal Recognition for Trailblazing DE+I Practices, with internal stewards and recruiting candidates identifying Clarkston as leading the consulting industry with DE+I-related policies and practices and as a sought-after firm by a diverse array of candidates.
  4. External Recognition for Trailblazing DE+I Practices, with external parties identifying Clarkston as a leading consulting firm that embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of the firm.

Within each of these four 10-year DE+I goals, there are three- and five-year short-term goals that tie into specific objectives within the broader 10-year goals, helping to ensure accountability and progress. Both the short- and long-term goals were created through a collaborative, iterative process involving firm leadership, stakeholders, and stewards from all levels of the firm.

“This initiative to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at Clarkston is a true firm-wide commitment, with stewards across the organization – from our partners to our associates – focused on making progress toward each of these goals,” said President Mike Hackett. “I am proud of the dedication and commitment demonstrated by our stewards from the onset, and I remain very confident in our firm’s ability to achieve our wide-ranging set of DE+I goals over the next several years.”

The new site will serve as a resource for stewards, clients, and community members, providing transparency and accountability into the 10-year initiative. Regular updates will provide visitors to the site with insights into the specific workstreams and activities taking place in support of the 10-year goals and provide other updates relative to the initiative.

Clarkston was recently recognized in Vault’s 2024 Rankings for Diversity, including Racial & Ethnic Diversity (#4), Overall Diversity (#7), Diversity for Individuals with Disabilities (#8), Diversity for LGBTQ+ Individuals (#8), Diversity for Military Veterans (#13), and Diversity for Women (#13). While proud to be recognized, the firm remains committed to continuous improvement and growth in creating an environment of equity and inclusion.

“Clarkston has a responsibility to its stewards, its clients, and the larger community to create a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for all,” said PK Sundar, Diversity Council Chair. “These DE+I goals were created by our stewards and for our stewards, our greatest assets at the firm, to develop a sustainable pathway for further growth, learning, and shared empathy. There’s certainly a long road ahead of us, but I’m energized by the commitments of our stewards and leaders across these various initiatives and excited about the diverse, equitable, and inclusive future we’re building here at Clarkston.”

Clarkston’s Commitment to Accountability and Industry Leadership

The website tracker will serve as the repository that provides transparency into the successes and areas for opportunity or improvement throughout Clarkston’s journey toward meeting its 10-year DE+I goals. It will also ensure both internal and external accountability, allowing Clarkton to openly share progress with clients, stewards, and community members.

“I know that Clarkston’s DE+I journey is an ongoing one – and we won’t always get things right,” said Finegan. “However, I’m confident in our firm’s ability to learn from mistakes, adjust as we go, and work together to achieve these goals of creating a more inclusive and equitable community at Clarkston.”

Finegan added, “Where firms or other businesses may be deprioritizing or reducing emphasis on DE+I, we’re doubling down our pledge to making a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive business. Our firm began on a commitment to do the best for our clients, our stewards, and our business. This initiative is the continuation of that commitment and a model for other companies in the business and professional services industry to follow.”

Learn more about Clarkston’s 10-Year DE+I Initiative and visit the newly launched site here.

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