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What are the Best Qualities for a CMO to Have? | Sep 8th, 2017

At some point in your company’s development, you’re going to need to hire a chief marketing officer (CMO). As the title suggests, this is going to be your point person on all things related to marketing and advertising, so it’s vital that you get someone in place who knows what they’re doing, and exhibits all the “best” qualities for a marketing leader—but what are those qualities, and how should you make your hiring decision?

Responsibilities of CMOs

First, you’ll need to understand some of the core responsibilities of CMOs:

  • Create and define marketing objectives. They’ll be defining what counts as “success” to your marketing department.
  • Research and follow marketing trends. They’ll be able to discover and learn about the latest trends, so you can apply them to your own efforts.
  • Coordinate and oversee new campaigns. Though they won’t be involved in day-to-day management, they’ll help coordinate and provide oversight for new marketing and ad campaigns.
  • Liaise with other departments to align customer goals. CMOs will work with other departments to ensure the brand is represented appropriately in all forms of customer communication.
  • Report on results and make changes. They’ll explain the results of their campaigns, and recommend strategic changes to see better results in the future.
Best Qualities for CMOs

If you want someone who can execute those responsibilities flawlessly, you’ll need a candidate with the following qualities:

  • An understanding of resource management. You might consider hiring a CMO based on their familiarity and skill with technology; after all, many modern marketing and advertising campaigns are rooted in digital mediums. However, according to Clarkston Consulting, tech skills aren’t as important for a CMO as you think. A global understanding of how tech is used in the marketing world is valuable, since they’ll be directing and creating new campaigns, but it’s better for your CMO to have an overall understanding of resource management (and which resources are best used for a campaign).
  • Innovativeness. Read the full article>>