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Clarkston Consulting Publishes 2020 Citizenship Report

Durham, NC | September 22, 2020

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting today announced the release of its 2020 Citizenship Report, highlighting the business’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability efforts. The report details how Clarkston commits itself to advance corporate social responsibility across three areas – Our Stewards, Our Communities, and Our Clients.

Clarkston President Paul Garrison on Clarkston’s Citizenship Report, “Our clients are experiencing unprecedented demands to uphold themselves to a new level of corporate social responsibility from their constituents. Corporate social responsibility has taken on a greater meaning for many and as a consulting partner, we are proud to provide transparency into our own ongoing efforts.”

Across the broader pillars of Our Stewards, Our Communities, and Our Clients, some of the highlights from Clarkston’s Citizenship Report include:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: As a founding principle and core value of the firm, Clarkston has made strides to ensure an intentional approach to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the firm through consistent and equitable career experiences, recruiting, training, and internal networking, such as the Clarkston Black Steward Network and the Clarkston Pride Network.
  • Community Support: Clarkston, as a firm and through the individual dedication of its stewards, has committed itself through time, talent, and resources to external organizations that reflect the firm’s values and core beliefs, such as Girls Who Code and the Network of Executive Women.
  • Health + Wellness: Clarkston pledges itself to the betterment of the health and wellness of our stewards and their loved ones through a robust benefits program and StayWell – a dedicated, steward-led wellness program. StayWell is centered on a holistic approach to wellness based on four key pillars: physical, mental, financial and social health.

“As recent events around racial injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic have proven, corporate social responsibility must evolve. Citizens, employees, and partners across the country recognize that too many issues in our society have gone unchecked, creating escalating inequities and obstacles to a sustainable future for our country,” said Clarkston Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Tom Finegan.

Finegan continued, “As both a partner to our clients and employer to our stewards, we have moral and ethical obligations to conduct our business in a way that is both transparent and actively supports corporate social responsibility.”

To view Clarkston’s 2020 Citizenship Report, click here.