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Consumer Products Analytics

Analytics continues to be a critical boardroom level conversation in consumer products and retail companies. However, while there are a lot of valuable insights being realized, organizations are still not unlocking the true value of analytics and their ability to provide a competitive advantage.


Actionable Analytics.

Consumer products companies continue to struggle with the best ways to get the right information in the hands of the right decision makers. The intent to embed data into decisions is there, but companies fall flat on their ability to execute. Often times there are different teams, using the same data, coming to different conclusions.


With advances in technology, there is no shortage in data.  In many ways, data has become a commodity. When it comes to driving competitive advantage, however, the real opportunity is not just in the analysis of the data, but activating that analysis throughout your organization. The ability to take a nugget of information and share it with other customer teams throughout your brand portfolio or across functional silos is where the real strategic insights will be realized.

For a company to reach its full analytical potential, they must align their analytical capabilities with corporate strategy.

  • Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
  • Analytics Indicator

The biggest challenge in making analytics successful in your company is the gap between strategy and execution.

  • Strategic Capabilities Alignment
  • Cross-Functional Activation
  • Analytics Dashboard Development

To power an analytics organization, leverage new and existing technology and data investments to develop real-time analytical capabilities.

  • Solutions that support reporting & analytics (SAP BOBJ, SAP BW, CRM, TPM)
  • Technology Integration
  • Master Data Strategy & Governance

What Our Stewards Say

Steve Rosenstock

Partner, Consumer Products Industry Leader

How do you know your organization is ready for advanced analytics technology?  It requires an organizational culture of striving to know your consumer and consistently engaging, communicating, and reacting to ever-changing consumer behavior. Investing in analytical tools and ensuring your organization is prepared to send and receive feedback that enables ongoing dialogue is critical for the success of creating a consumer-centric organization.

Clarkston Consulting understands that the right analytical strategy, processes, and technologies are critical for consumer products companies to drive action on both explicit and implicit consumer feedback and behavior. As a business systems advisor, we will guide your organization to make smart choices on analytics and enable you to rapidly respond to insights from your data. Contact Steve Rosenstock to learn more.

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