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Pricing Consulting

Pricing strategy has evolved. Companies that attempt a strategic pricing reset with a skillful combination of management experience, retailer insights, and technical analysis will improve profitability.

Strategic Pricing Reset.

The days of routine annual price increases are gone and pricing adjustments face a higher level of scrutiny in today’s retail environment. As the relationship between manufacturers and retailers evolve, collaboration is key. Establishing effective pricing collaboratively with retailers can drive profitable growth, resulting in a win for manufacturers and a win for retailers.


A change in pricing strategy is not an event, it’s a process. Working with your retailers is part of that process. We help consumer product companies with pricing strategy, execution, and the establishment of a sustainable process, to find the right combination of price and promotion, to get the desired shelf-price that drives purchase behaviors, category growth, and profitability.

Collecting an integrated fact base, addressing shopper and consumer preferences, retailer behavior, and alignment to internal strategies, sets the stage for pricing resets.

  • Price Elasticity Study
  • SKU Price Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis

Understanding and applying both the art and science of pricing decisions will drive growth and profitability, while gauging competitor, customer, and consumer response.

  • Base vs. Incremental Pricing Strategy
  • Retail Collaboration
  • Price Optimization and Analytics

The activation of a new pricing strategy is achieved with flawless customer execution.

  • Retail Sell-In Strategies
  • Field Sales Training & Activation
  • Communication Planning

What Our Clients Say

Senior Director, Trade Marketing

Consumer Products Company

Clarkston knows the consumer products industry from a business perspective. They are not “generalists” who circulate slides/processes without substance, they apply sound business solutions. We see our Clarkston counterparts as part of our own staff.

We have helped our clients and their retail partners unlock millions of dollars in annual margin with successful pricing consulting. For more information on how we can help your company, please contact our Pricing Strategy expert, Steve Rosenstock.

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