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Solution Overview: Supply Chain Diagnostic for Sustainable Companies

Sustainability has emerged to a prominent position in corporate and consumer consciences. For organizations that center themselves around sustainable missions, operating an efficient and sustainable supply chain can be difficult, especially in times of rapid growth.

Consumer demand for responsibility, authenticity and transparency further complicates your ability to protect and improve margins while providing high quality and peak service. Your supply chain can be a  tremendous source of value – or risk – and, left unchecked, can serve as an inhibitor to profitable growth. Through assessing current state supply chain practices and metrics, analyzing the effect of sustainability mandates, and aligning to corporate strategy and growth targets, you can uncover areas of growth and value.

Supply Chain Diagnostic Goals & Benefits

Clarkston’s Supply Chain Diagnostic understands a company’s people-planet-profit (PPP) position based on consumer desires and competitor activities. The diagnostic provides an analysis of a company’s supply chain position in the marketplace, and a Supply Chain Diagnostic for Sustainable Companies blueprint on how to match or exceed competitor actions.

The Supply Chain Diagnostic helps companies to:

  • Quantify potential savings, costs and risks;
  • Benchmark performance against industry leaders;
  • Identify sustainability inputs, outputs and value drivers;
  • Prioritize opportunities based on business impact and magnitude of change;
  • Provide tactical and value add business process redesign;
  • Identify a roadmap with focuses on quick wins and integration with longer-term initiatives.

Approach The Supply Chain Diagnostic is a rapid and flexible assessment that engages leaders from across the supply chain to understand interactions  and activities of each department. Its 200+ questions cover all supply chain management processes, sustainability metrics and IT enablement. It measures frequency of leading practices based on Clarkston’s client experience and industry benchmarks. Typical participants include supply chain leadership, planning,master scheduling, sales, marketing, product line management, finance, customer service and production.

Clarkston Consulting’s Supply Chain Diagnostic understands a company’s people-planet- profit (PPP) position based on consumer desires and competitor activities.

Read more about the Supply Chain Diagnostic for Sustainable Companies in the PDF below.

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