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Structure, Process Discipline, and Technology Drive Global Growth

For an emerging business to mature from a growth stage to a global success, the company’s organizational structure, process discipline, and technology must be deliberately cultivated. The things that make a growing company successful – a personality, an innovative culture and herculean efforts – are still important in global growth but to build a great successful company over time requires deliberate maturation to endure in the future.

A few years ago, I wrote a blog series called Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Growth, which explores the themes emerging companies face related to their evolving maturity and growth trajectory.  The blog covered the struggles and opportunities these companies face with developing the optimum organizational structure for their size and growth goals, the discipline required around process adherence, and the right way to invest in technology enabling accelerators.  The series was frequently referenced among our clients as a tool to help drive global growth, so we refreshed the content and have re-published these insights as an e-book.

Download Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Growth


We hope you enjoy this revised version of Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Growth.  If you have any questions, want to continue the discussion, or would like to learn about Clarkston’s experience guiding companies out of this complex growth zone and into global growth, please contact me at

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