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Global Drug Manufacturer Takes Serialization to the Next Level

The path to full serialization is different for every company. Some choose to serialize in phases, others tackle the entire challenge in one fell swoop. The choice really depends on the client’s specific objectives and available resources.

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This client, a global generic drug manufacturer, knew from the beginning that a phased approached would best suit their business. This particular phase of the project implemented their L4 solution with existing serialized systems.

The phased approach not only supported their ongoing business objectives, it also allowed the client to better leverage their contract manufacturing and packaging services. They needed the ability to not only serialize, track, and trace their own products but to provide the same capabilities for their strategic partners.

The client was also looking to utilize SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) to support their serialization efforts. With the software relatively new, the client knew they’d be first-to-market in implementing the software and needed to contract a partner with both deep serialization expertise and functional experience implementing enterprise technology for life sciences organizations. I’m proud to say that Clarkston Consulting was a perfect fit.

Clarkston’s serialization experts, in combination with our industry-leading SAP practice, partnered with the client to develop a solution to:

  • create a central, enterprise-level L4 serialization solution to manage serial numbers across the organization,
  • implement SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceutical and fully train users, and
  • develop a strategy and path forward to enable the client’s contract manufacturing and packaging operations to serialize products outside of their own portfolio in compliance with their respective clients’ serialization strategy.

Working closely with our client, the project was fully successful in developing and implementing the above objectives. The client has already reaped significant financial and operational benefits, and will continue to realize greater returns via increased efficiencies and ease of integration for future acquisitions or partnerships.

As always, the success can be ascribed to the client, having worked with Clarkston on their previous serialization efforts, coming prepared with the necessary resources and dedication to a project of this scope. The following case study provides a high-level overview of the project, including the initial objectives, tasks, solutions, and benefits.

Our serialization projects leverage our unmatched industry expertise and functional experience to deliver solutions that fit the complex needs of organizations of every shape, size, and specialty in the life sciences industry. If you’re interested in learning more about this project or any of our others, please contact me at

Download the Full Case Study Here

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