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SAP Warehouse Management – An Implementation at Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore and Clarkston Consulting discuss a recent SAP Warehouse Management and Handling Unit Management implementation project that was the first step of Benjamin Moore’s long-term supply chain improvement initiative. In this presentation at the Clarkston Consulting Virtual SAP Seminar Series, the joint project team talked through the long-term roadmap for the supply chain program at Benjamin Moore, then discussed the SAP Warehouse Management and Handing Unit Management project. The downloadable presentation includes discussions on the challenges, technical solutions, project timelines, and supporting tools used for a successful implementation.

Download the Full Webinar Here

The supply chain roadmap at Benjamin Moore is highlighted by four long term projects with the goal of improving supply chain visibility, increasing the speed of product from raw materials through manufacturing, into the distribution center, and in delivery to the customer. The supply chain team also discussed their desire to improve overall efficiency in reducing the amount materials that are handled and improving on the truck load optimization, which is challenging when trying to also increase the overall velocity throughout the supply chain.

The project team then discussed in detail the business requirements for the SAP Warehouse Management Shipping solution, which included standardization of processes across five manufacturing sites, enabling handling unit management for better reporting and reduced material handling scans and moves, and improving the shipment planning process. Next, they walked through the current and future state of the finished product operations at the manufacturing sites, highlighting the changes in process the project implemented. They also highlighted the technical changes that supported the business process improvements the team made such as new and improved labels and barcodes, a distribution planning report, a shipping cockpit, warehouse activity monitors, and the use of Fiori apps and iPads for the fork truck drivers.

Lastly, the project team highlighted the four process optimization focus areas for the project which included waste reduction, cost reduction, tools enablement, and business improvements. The team also talked about project engagement at the manufacturing sites with successful training and change management initiatives throughout the project with the goal of developing super users who act as front line support post go-live.

To download the full recording, please visit our SAP Warehouse Management and Handling Unit presentation with Benjamin Moore below.

Download the Full Webinar Here

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Contributions by Zach Madel.

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