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SAP Webinar Series: Next Generation Managed Services

AMS is historically known to be transactional and straight forward, but companies are seeking a different approach when it comes to their relationship with their Application Managed Services partners. In the midst of this evolution of expectation, the way services are delivered by service providers is going to shift to a next generation managed services approach.

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Traditionally, AMS providers would primarily focus on ticket identification, strategic alignment, ticket driven scheduling, and document driven knowledge transfer. This made the business very transactional in nature, coupled with the documentation required. With the evolving AMS landscape, needs of the average client are also changing. Many drivers that are pushing this change forward to a next generation managed services approach include:

  1. Business today is digital
  2. Cloud/Hybrid landscapes
  3. Real-time engagement
  4. Innovation
  5. Consultative Guidance

Clients are more interested in real-time engagement, communication, collaboration, and partnership with their AMS provider with a business outcome goal, rather than a triaged mindset. Whereas much of the business processes were document driven when it came to knowledge transfer methodologies, the strategy is much more proactive and tailored to the overall business benefits with next generation managed services.

Jeff Graffeo, Partner, and Megan Weldon, Manager, with Clarkston Technology Solutions share updates in the AMS industry at the webinar link below: 

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Ultimately, the AMS landscape and client needs are changing. Providers need to evolve to meet the changing market and rising client demands. Lastly, companies want to drive value from their next generation managed services partner.

This competitive market continues to evolve and the technological advancements only further complicates the path for success in today’s landscape. Partnering with an AMS provider is no longer a transactional relationship. Any partnership now needs to be one based on collaboration, coordination, and education.

Download the Full Next Generation Managed Services Webinar here.

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