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Mobility: Don’t Simply Extend; Transform!

Any organization that fails to develop a mobile strategy in today’s business environment risks being left behind. Organizations that can leverage these evolving technologies – by both retooling their internal workforces and redefining their business-to-consumer and business-to-business models – will be in a powerful position to:

  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Gain productivity in vendor and customer relationships
  • Influence consumer behavior

Mobility solutions are rapidly moving from EXTEND to TRANSFORM. Most companies are investing in apps that EXTEND (Retooling) their current enterprise capabilities. But in addition to this, many are investing in apps that TRANSFORM (Redefining) the enterprise and the user/consumer experience, especially among Consumer Products companies.

Wholesale Distribution Model

Think about the wholesale distribution model – where companies rely heavily on a mobile workforce to interact with end customers and keep inventory up-to-date. With a solid mobility strategy, wholesale distribution companies cannot only extend their ability to conduct business transactions, but also transform the way they receive orders and accept payment. For example, mobility could give you the ability to post COD (cash on delivery) payment in real time as deliveries are completed. In this scenario, payment has been fully received which opens up credit for small mom-and-pop shops and increases purchase to deliver (cash-to-cash) cycle time. Additionally, on-premise, off-invoice discount calculations could be done “on-the-spot,” minimizing painful reconciliations “back at the main house.”

Mobility will also completely transform the retail industry as well. Cash registers are becoming obsolete. Retailers will be able to use mobile devices for a better in-store experience by the customer – perhaps without even having to wait in line. These devices could be used for more than simple Point-of-Sale, but also as a catalog and for social media purposes. Prime retail space will be re-purposed for product showcasing, rather than lines and bulky registers.

Take a moment and think about your business and how you use mobility. Are you simply extending your operations with a mobile device? Or are you really transforming your business with mobility?