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A Life Sciences Marketing Maturity Model: How Do You Measure Up?

We developed this life sciences marketing maturity model for life sciences companies looking to compare their digital marketing strategy, capabilities, and outcomes with those of other companies in the industry and to better understand where to focus to improve effectiveness. Digital marketing capabilities provide avenues to improve reach and engagement with patients and HCPs through digital channels. While the life sciences industry has historically been slower than other industries to adopt these practices, leading companies are now transforming their relationships and opportunities with HCPs and patients through best-in-class digital marketing.

Download the Marketing Maturity Model

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all aspects of the human to human interactions in the life sciences sphere have been digitalized, affording an even greater need for maturing digital marketing capabilities in the life sciences space. Where digital capabilities may have been an additive value proposition in the past, it’s now a strategic imperative to compete.

While this disruption has caused significant upheaval across many industries and functional areas, it also presents a perfectly ripe opportunity to leverage this time to complete the full digital transformation of their marketing efforts.

In our research and client experiences, the gap is widening between those that make strategic investments in digital marketing and those that are slower to adopt, typically citing compliance risk within the U.S. regulatory environment. At the same time, pioneering companies are employing a digital-first strategy to engagement opportunities and rethinking what it means to engage with patients and HCPs. In doing so, businesses are not only engaging patients and HCPs in a new way, they’re creating a foundation for success in the future as each digital interaction provides more insight into patient and HCP behavior – insight that can be applied to future initiatives and processes.

Download the Marketing Maturity Model

Winners and losers are being made today. Companies will continue to make bold claims to lean into digital marketing capabilities, but our experience shows that fewer are taking the right steps internally to drive outcomes.

Download Clarkston’s Life Sciences Marketing Maturity Model here

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Coauthor and contributions by Megan Angevine

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