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ERP Implementation: Building a Foundation for Growth

Banner Pharmacaps Inc (Banner) is a global gelatin-based drug delivery and specialty pharmaceutical company. As a foundational part of their vision for aggressive growth, Banner chose to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning system that would allow them to manage the continued expansion of their business. Upon the launch of a Direct to Market business segment, Banner worked with Clarkston Consulting to implement an integrated SAP solution that improved their business processes and allowed them to build tighter relationships with both their customers and vendors.

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Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1: Provide an integrated global application suite that supported all of Banner’s core business functions.

The proliferation of systems over the years, including reliance on departmental excel spreadsheets, had resulted in redundant systems with silos of information in functional areas as well as regionally in the United States, Mexico, Canada and The Netherlands. This created an environment where Banner management could not readily access or leverage key information.

Solution: Banner and Clarkston implemented an integrated SAP solution in the United States that included:

  • Finance and Controlling,
  • Sales and Distribution,
  • Materials Management,
  • Production Planning,
  • Quality Management,
  • Warehouse Management; and
  • Vistex modules.

In addition, an RF solution was implemented to automate the warehouse management processes. Clarkston worked closely with subject matter experts from all of Banner’s sites to design the global blueprint that will serve as the template during the regional roll outs. This global design will also standardize the business processes across the regions.

Challenge 2: Provide a scalable platform/environment and processes to facilitate business growth.

The lack of a scalable platform inhibited Banner from fulfilling its vision of “Being the leading specialty pharma company in gelatin-based drug delivery technologies”. Specifically, Banner wanted to be recognized as a leader in products and innovation driven by market demands, operate with integrated and effective processes at both regional and global levels, and allow speed of execution to provide quality of work life for their employees while providing a high level of service to their customers and an attractive return to their stakeholders.

Solution: Leveraging pharmaceutical best practices was essential to ensuring a solid foundation for future growth. Clarkston collaborated with the business to validate the pharmaceutical best practices as the “To-Be” state. The core SAP implementation provides a foundation that will allow Banner to execute its business strategy. The implementation of best business practices and automation of business functions allow Banner to execute their business more efficiently and to lower their operational costs. In addition, the integrated solution allows the users to share and collaborate to make better business decisions, resulting in better service levels with their trading partners.

Download the Full Case Study Here

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