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SAP Webinar Series: Creating a Roadmap to Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

As the enterprise technology landscape continues to rapidly evolve, key features are enabling organizations to leverage technology in new ways to become what we refer to as an Intelligent Enterprise. In this short 20-minute webinar, we answer the question: What is an intelligent enterprise and how does your organization become one?

Download the Full Roadmap: Intelligent Enterprise Webinar

We use the term intelligent enterprise to refer to organizations that are data driven, are well integrated with their business partners, leverage available technology, are agile, and utilize best practices. An intelligent enterprise has data in the context of business functions that drive performance, and views integration from a “big picture” lens that encompasses the broader ecosystem of customers and partners. This ensures the seamless flow of data between you and your partners, enabling you to have full visibility and even gain predictive capabilities. Intelligent enterprises also leverage technology such as Analytics, ML, AI, and RPA in their core business functions. Being agile enables an enterprise to quickly adapt to changing conditions and customer needs while utilizing industry best practices to position themselves for success.

No matter where your organization is situated with regard to these criteria, the starting point is assessing where your organization exists today. In this webinar we share tips on how to prioritize a list of capabilities and challenges that need to be addressed as you come to understand the technical solution landscape that meets your needs. Through building a robust roadmap, you will be better able to understand what your organization’s journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise looks like, and how to get there.

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Download the 20-minute webinar on-demand to learn more about how SAP supports your business in becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

Download the Full Roadmap: Intelligent Enterprise Webinar here.

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