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Exploring the Commercial Process for Personalized Medicine

The shift to personalized medicine, where companies can develop preventive measures and precision treatments to enhance a patient’s unique well-being, represents a seismic leap forward in our ability to achieve better diagnoses and interventions through improved drug therapies. To make the promise of these treatments a reality, drug makers now must build the infrastructure to operationalize the science behind cell therapy and explore the commercial process for personalized medicine. The focus has shifted more heavily to the commercial processes necessary to deliver, administer, and optimize the outcomes of the treatment. One question many are asking is whether SAP, the dominant player in enterprise software in the life sciences industry, can accommodate the unique production, planning, and scheduling aspects of cell therapy treatments.

With so much potential at stake with these new therapies, businesses across the pharmaceutical industry are investing significantly in attaining or developing cell therapy capabilities – including new models for hiring more specialized talent, massive acquisitions, and the almost complete upheaval of established manufacturing models.

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Clarkston Consulting has been at the forefront of helping companies identify the strategy, best practice processes, and technology required to commercialize the go-to-market of these efficacious treatments. One of Clarkston’s endeavors includes the Cell Therapy Orchestration Platform which leverages SAP® S/4HANA and Cloud technologies to manage the complex processes supporting personalized medicine therapies in a safe and secure environment that flexes and scales with your business needs.

In this recent project, Clarkston Consulting was chosen as an advisor to this company because of our deep industry expertise, history of successful SAP implementations, and our experience helping Argos Therapeutics with their cell therapy commercialization planning. This project set out to design a fully scalable solution within S/4HANA to address the complex requirements around cell therapy production, scheduling, and treatment.  The team used an Agile methodology to explore the client needs and the technological capabilities of S/4HANA, including the Ariba Buying and Invoicing and Ariba Commerce Automation modules.  Clarkston also helped this partner with their LIMS enhancements and inspection readiness activities associated with the Biologics Licensing Application (BLA) for commercialization.

This project provided the client with a first-of-its-kind, large-scale commercialization design and roadmap for cell therapy treatments. The roadmap, developed collaboratively with Clarkston Consulting, specified a sustainable and scalable commercialization process for existing and future cell therapies, tailored for the unique complexities of their treatment offering.

To learn more about how Clarkston Consulting defined the commercial process for personalized medicine using SAP S/4HANA, click on the case study below.

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