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Benefits of Using Logility for Advanced Supply Chain Planning

COVID-19 sped up the discovery of unknown weak spots for businesses, and one of the most significantly impacted functions was supply chain. Global supply chain disruption created economic issues that will need to be addressed. Supply chain challenges that companies now face require immediate attention, as they have been proven to be a disruptor to all other business operations. Logility may be a solution.

Logility is a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions that helps companies of all sizes achieve results rapidly. The AI-based software caters to some of the world’s leading brands, including Starbucks, Leatherman, and Kraft Heinz. Consistently ranked as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning solutions (where the solution was applauded for Product Strategy, Innovation, and Product/Service), the Logility suite covers end-to-end supply chain planning, including Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Price/Promotion Analysis, Allocations, Replenishment, Manufacturing Planning, Inventory Optimization, Product Lifecycle Management, Merchandise/Assortment Planning, Order Promising, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Scenario Planning, and others. Additionally, capabilities like Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning drive better problem solving and decision making, in less time. Gartner specifically called out Logility’s evolution in digital supply chain twin – a capability that Clarkston Consulting believes is important in building a resilient supply chain.

Logility Usability

When implementing any software solution, there is one key factor that is make-or-break for many clients: usability. Logility is a leader in this area, as evidence by their ranking in the G2 Supply Chain Planning Software survey. Their products are easy to use, utilizing an intuitive interface design to drive both functionality and user adoption.

Logility also offers Logility University to support effective knowledge transfer and grow organizational capability. Programs are provided either onsite at Logility’s Atlanta Learning Center, at the client site, or online, and cover a variety of functional and technical topics and levels to build expertise within the organization.


Another key benefit of Logility is its condensed implementation timeline. Logility typically uses an Agile approach to accelerate time-to-value. The platform also uses machine learning to correct and refine bad input data, and to enhance the capability to adapt and scale as business requirements change over time.

These key features not only improve the usability of Logility, but also cut the implementation effort and time by up to 90%. Logility’s proven implementation methodology equips users with confidence in their investment,  and sets the path to growth and increased solution capability. Logility helps companies seize new opportunities by responding to problems quickly and enabling swift decision making.

For Current SAP Users

Logility is a planning solution that can be used in conjunction with many ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor and others. The Logility suite brings advanced planning and simulation capabilities that base ERP packages lack. Regardless of which ERP is in place, Logility’s template-based integration approach provides speed in integration development, reduces team size, lowers cost and lowers risk. This approach also provides scalability as new data elements and higher data volumes are introduced. Rather than custom-developing integrations for each implementation, Logility brings plug-and-play integration along with experience connecting to most of the major ERP solutions in the market. These templates encompasses as much as 80% of the integration scope, while the remaining 20% can be configured based on the organization’s unique SCM requirements.

Summary on Logility

Logility continues to be a true leader in supply chain planning. With the evolution of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, the Logility suite is increasingly powerful, enabling digital twin and simulation capabilities to support resilient supply chains. In contrast to long waterfall implementation cycles common for some supply chain solutions, Logility’s Agile approach and cloud deployment lead to impressive time-to-value.

Clarkston Consulting can help your organization identify the aspects of a digital supply chain strategy that will support your company’s resilience and growth, including finding the supply chain planning solutions that are the best fit for you.

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Contributions by Alexandra Hatsios

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