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6 Tips for Attending the SAPPHIRE NOW® Conference

Clarkston Consulting has a long history as an SAP partner – in fact Clarkston has attended or sponsored every SAPPHIRE NOW conference ever hosted in North America. As you prepare to attend this year – either for the first time or as a repeat SAP user – we wanted to share the information we have gained over the last few years to provide some valuable tips for attending the SAPPHIRE NOW conference.

1. Register and Book Your Hotel Early

If you have ever been to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando or if you have driven down International Drive, you might be surprised to know how hard it can be to get a hotel near the conference. Despite the large numbers of hotels that surround the convention center, attendees for SAPPHIRE take over the area and you will want to stay right in walking distance from the conference, if possible. The best way to ensure a great hotel is by registering for the conference early.

2. Plan Your Agenda in Advance

Time at SAPPHIRE moves very quickly. The best way to make the most of your time is to check out the planned schedule of activities ahead of the event. SAP selects the topic tracks they believe their users would get the most benefit from and then calls for presentations from the most knowledgeable SAP users in the world. There are so many valuable presentations to attend so you must make sure to prioritize them in advance. You can also hear from two of Clarkston’s best consultants Victor Sison and Vijay Pal, who will be presenting on the Use of Combined CO-PA to Perform Gross-to-Net Analysis.

3. Schedule Meetings in Advance

One of the best things about attending SAPPHIRE is the ability to personally meet other companies who have faced similar challenges and to speak with people who can share interesting lessons learned – there are probably thousands of people attending the conference who can teach you something new. That’s one reason why making sure you schedule meetings in advance can be so important. Without a set time and place, it is extremely difficult to connect with everyone you want to meet. Although SAP doesn’t provide attendee lists in advance, you can review the list of speakers, expo participants, and SAP employees. Any of these groups should be able to help you make a connection to the people you want to meet in advance.

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