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Using Analytics to Predict Channel and Physician Engagement Optimization

Numerous channels are competing for physician awareness now, making the process for modern drugmakers all the more challenging in fostering physician adoption. Clarkston’s analytics team was recently engaged by a leading biopharmaceutical company to develop a physician segmentation process, utilizing analytics with a focus on digital, to increase physician engagement across sales and marketing channels. The team was able to successfully leverage existing data, around physician attributes and prescribing patterns, to improve and optimize engagement with machine learning.

Download the Full Case Study Here

This case study outlines how Clarkston Consulting was hired by this biopharmaceutical company to transform the company’s understanding of physician responsiveness, predict physician engagement, establish an easily replicated process, and provide a global analytics tool to them. The Clarkston Data and Analytics team achieved these key objectives by extracting and transforming existing data.

Some of the key resolution steps taken by this company through this engagement included activating three new advanced analytics workstreams, adjusting their sales strategy for a large number of their physician engagement pool in order to prevent premature adoption of the competitor’s drug, and conducting large scale testing that provided insights on their email methodologies that influence physician engagement.

Download the Full Case Study Here

Many of the key benefits that this company gained through their partnership with Clarkston on this particular engagement included numerous discoveries with the utilization of data such as, improved understanding and sustainability of data governance and data maintenance controls, as well as purchasing decisions around data and existing data that is readily available for use. While many of these key benefits evolved from data, the company also obtained better organizational understanding on analytics and how to leverage for decision-making. They now have a more highly evolved approach in identifying customer segmentation and customer groups through analytical algorithms, to detect patterns that track physician engagement, with the overall goal to maximize sales and marketing commitment.

To learn more about Clarkston’s analytics experience, visit our services page. Access our case study library, for more examples of how Clarkston helps companies in life sciences.

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