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Analytics Best Practices Workshop

The collection, interpretation and utilization of data are perhaps more critical than ever before. Companies can employ analytics to evaluate consumer demand, improve operations processes, and to make faster, more informed
strategic decisions. Determining the next steps in your analytics journey, however, can be overwhelming. Clarkston Consulting’s Analytics Best Practices Workshop (BPW) will help your company leveragethe full potential of analytics across the enterprise.

Goals & Benefits
Clarkston’s Best Practices Workshop is a rapid, on-site consulting session. Key goals of the workshop are:

  • Evaluation – Gauge your analytical maturity and determine how you compare to industry benchmarks and competitors. Leveraging analytics best practices, this information will help you identify potential challenges, and
    capitalize on opportunities to further develop your analytics organization.
  •  Planning – Understand processes and prioritize initiatives that will best leverage your analytics capabilities. Determine which actions will have the greatest impact and provide the largest return on investment.
  •  Ensuring Success – The Clarkston Consulting team has helped leading life science and consumer products companies implement analytics best practices.

This hands-on experience helps companies:

  • Overcome organizational and process challenges that stand in the way of achieving a “best-in-class” analytics environment.
  • Achieve world-class analytics performance by employing the right organizational structure, processes, tools and technologies.
  • Establish more effective analytics roles and responsibilities.

Approach & Methodology
The BPW is a one-day meeting that engages leaders from the C-Suite, as well as functional business unit leaders. The Clarkston Consulting Analytics Team will assess and score your analytical maturity on a five-tiered curve. They will then share measurable analytics best practices, and recommend steps to improve the maturity and value of your organization’s analytics. As a part of our evaluation, we will help you address the following key questions:

  • How mature is our analytics organization?
  • How well are analytics processes and technologies integrated with our business strategy, planning and operational processes?
  • How do we capitalize on our current analytics investments?
  • How are our competitors using analytics?
  • What steps should we take to improve our analytical maturity and the value it could generate?
  • How do we make analytics an enterprise-wide strategic initiative?
  • How should we structure our analytics organization? To whom, or to which  department, should analytics report?
  • What types of skills will we need to support our analytics organization?

To download the Analytics Best Practices Workshop (BPW), click through the PDF below.

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