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An IT Strategy Assessment Tied to the Business’s Future

With the IT function serving as the engine that drives business transformation, an IT strategy assessment allows companies to better understand how closely aligned the overarching business’s objectives are to IT goals, capabilities, and resources. For many, a gap between the two can result in stalled progress, delayed ROI, or worse. Competing and winning in the digital age will require an IT function that’s in step with the business’ strategic direction and on pace with the evolving trends and innovations in the industry.

Formed over 25 years ago, the client has grown into a global, vertically integrated manufacturer of casual clothing and related apparel products. Over the years, the client has made significant investments to strengthen services and the quality of its products for business partners and customers. As a result, the client continues to be known as an innovative leader and is repeatedly recognized for commitment and quality assurance excellence.

As a result of targeted acquisitions and organic growth, the overall business has expanded. While the IT organization has evolved over the years along with the growth of the business, the client wished to maintain that development and ensure IT was well positioned for the business’ future. Although it has sufficiently supported all business needs to-date, an evaluation of the current state was necessary to further define a strategic future path forward.

The client engaged Clarkston to assess the business’ IT organization against both internal and external benchmarks, identify opportunities for improvement, and define a roadmap to addressing those opportunities.

IT Strategy Assessment – Primary Objectives

Clarkston partnered with the client to:

  • Perform an assessment of IT organization and determine gaps and opportunities,
  • Assess level of operational maturity against COBIT framework, and
  • Provide insight and advice on how the IT organization can address opportunities for improvement.

Download the Full Case Study Here

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