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2022 Beauty and Personal Care Industry Trends

The beauty and personal care industry is ever evolving, with new and innovative trends saturating the market each year. K-Beauty, for example, continues to see immense growth; its youthful aesthetic and unique ingredients fascinates consumers. Retail collaborations and an expanding omnichannel presence maintain prominence with direct-to-consumer alternatives. Partnerships like Ulta Beauty at Target and Sephora at Kohl’s work to meet consumers where they are and are changing the beauty purchasing landscape. Social selling is also a way beauty brands approach consumers, with platforms like TikTok acting as a catalyst for direct sales. And, above all, consumers are still seeking sustainability and transparency from beauty brands. From recycled packaging to eco-friendly ingredients, there is a heightened desire amongst consumers for environmental commitments by brands. While several of these beauty and personal care trends are not new, they have evolved, and we expect them to continue to do so in the coming year.

2022 Beauty and Personal Care Industry Trends

Below are the top five beauty and personal care industry trends that businesses should consider:

Trend 1: K-Beauty continues to expand into the West. 

The K-Beauty movement continues to expand westward, projected to reach a market value of $13.9 billion by 2027. Consumers display a constant fascination with K-Beauty due to the movement’s innovative and unique approaches toward the beauty industry. K-Beauty provides consumers with a natural, minimal, and youthful aesthetic, one that continues to take a stronger hold in the United States. The focus of K-Beauty begins with skincare. The movement promotes healthy and clear skin before you even put on makeup. In order to feed into this look, the industry divulges in thorough research and testing when creating its products. This emphasis on pure and natural makeup products ensures that the main goal of clear skin is maintained.  

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South Korea is one of the leading cosmetic exporters in the world, which aids in its global growth and expansion. While making its way West, K-Beauty has engaged in strategic digital marketing efforts through social media platforms. These tactics work to reach influencers, bloggers, and journalists alike and create buzz surrounding its products. While its marketing efforts aid in boosting brand and product awareness, its innovative and unique ingredients, like snail slime and bee venom, aid in the general consumer fascination. K-Beauty’s one-of-a-kind approach toward the beauty industry helps set it apart from other products and brands, while enticing consumers to use its novel products. 

Continue reading by downloading the full report below and learn more about our Beauty and Personal Care Services here.

Download the full 2022 Beauty and Personal Care Industry Trends Report here

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