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Mentorship with Swati

Swati, a Senior Manager with Clarkston Consulting, shares her perspectives on mentorship and working at Clarkston.

Professional Experience
I am a Senior Manager at Clarkston. I have been working in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for over 25 years, in consulting for 18 years, and with Clarkston for 15 years.

At Clarkston, I manage large scale multi-million dollar projects as well as small scale projects. I have skills in SAP across several functional areas including Procure to Pay, Forecast to Finish, Quality Management, Warehouse Management, and Order to Cash. Recently, I have been working with clinical companies transitioning to commercial organizations. I also have experience working in the consumer products industry and book publishing industry.

Mentorship at Clarkston
Every steward has a partner advisor as their career mentor. In my 15 years with Clarkston, I have had 3 partner advisors. All of them have been different but effective in their own way. However, more than my partner advisor, my mentor and the most influential person in my career at Clarkston has been another partner who I have been working with on projects for the last 11 years.

Growing with a Mentor
My mentor at Clarkston has guided me through unknown paths, supported me through difficult times on projects and taught some of the best techniques to be the best manager, communicator, and salesperson. He had faith in me when I had doubts in my own capabilities. He pushed me outside of my comfort zone and gave me opportunities to excel. I would not be the person I am today both personally and professionally without him. I admiringly refer to him as my godfather, because he truly has been that for me in every sense at Clarkston.

Growing as a Mentor
In my 15 years at Clarkston, I have worked with many different people at all levels. One the greatest joys in my job is the opportunity to influence and teach stewards seeking to learn and have mentee relationships. I have had the pleasure to mentor many stewards ranging from Bootcampers straight out of college to young managers wanting to grow into a senior leadership role in the firm. I refer to the mentees as my “kids.” Just like parents find joy in their children’s accomplishments, I have the same proud feeling when I see them succeed.

Impact of Mentorship at Clarkston
Clarkston’s people and culture is the strength and backbone of the company. The relationships I have with everyone are truly special. It is a bond I haven’t seen anywhere else I have worked before. We are like a family. We respect, support, and take care of each other. I never thought I would be at Clarkston for 10 years, much less 15. But the amazing people and camaraderie we share is the primary reason I am here.