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Digital Marketing Career Q&A with Brandon

Brandon shares what he’s learned from his digital marketing career and his experience so far with Clarkston Consulting.

How long have you been with Clarkston?

I’ve been with Clarkston for about 9 months.

What is your role at Clarkston?

I’m a senior consultant with our Digital community, with a focus in digital marketing, MarTech, and product.

Tell us about a new skill you’ve developed recently.

I have been focusing on strengthening my financial analysis skills. Lately, I have been working on expected value (EV) calculations for run rate analysis. This is helpful while working with any business to understand future potential outcomes while testing and understanding top-line/bottom-line potential impact.

If you had to choose, which of Clarkston’s core values do you feel resonates with you the most?

I would say “Differentiated Performance.” I feel the difference between Clarkston and other firms is how the stewards feel like they are actually part of the client team rather than a third party. This gives more of a “same team, same dream” mentality to roll up the sleeves and maybe take on more than originally scoped or expected. This leads to not only improved performance, but also stronger relationships, which is representative in our client surveys.

Which internal initiatives, communities, or projects are you involved in at Clarkston?

I’m involved in a couple of communities at Clarkston. I serve as one of the leads for the Digital, Data & Analytics Team, which involves bringing together our experienced stewards/SMEs in the online space for discussing the macro, new vendors, and growth opportunities. The team is relatively new, but it’s great to see the involvement so far! I am also engaged in the Academy, which are transitional learning sessions for new Clarkston Stewards who are new to consulting and are coming from industry (me!).

What advice would you give to someone starting at Clarkston?

Get involved with communities within the firm! Everyone has different backgrounds so you can teach others about your unique experiences.

In your experience, what qualities make someone a good consultant?

Adaptability. The macro environment continues to change whether from the pandemic, rate changes, or supply chain issues. Being able to pivot with the client is crucial to understanding the needs of the business.

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